What we achieve

PELAGOS aims to define a management and coordination system connecting the different components of the Quadruple Helix that represents the linkages and the potential conflicts between knowledge production and knowledge use in the field of Blue Energy (BE).

As experienced in other sectors of knowledge economy, this implies fostering a greater reliance on intellectual capabilities than on physical capital or natural resources, and an effort to integrate improvements in every stage of the production process, from the R&D activities to their operative implementation to the interfaces with potential customers and the public opinion.

PELAGOS ambition is to establish a permanent Cluster of national HUBs in the BE sector, where technical experiences are shared, common operative impediments are overcome, multi-criteria analyses are developed and implemented, and the expectations of internal, connected and external stakeholders are acconted for.

Permanent communication among actors is therefore a crucial asset for the evolution and advancement of the project and its effective contribution to the Blue Growth of Mediterranean coastal, insular and offshore regions.