PELAGOS in the “FOWT 2018”, the world's largest event dedicated to floating offshore wind

CRES within its role as coordinator of INTERREG MED PELAGOS project participated in the International Conference for Floating Off-Shore Wind Turbines (FOWT 2018), which took place in Marseilles, France, on 25-27 April 2018, and presented the results of the Project.

The coordinator of the project M. Damasiotis, Head of Development Programmes Division in CRES, pointed out that the emerging market of Blue Energy and especially of FOWT, which are absolutely appropriate solution for the Mediterranean Sea with depths greater than 50m, even close to the sea shores,   can be a social, technological and business opportunity for all the Mediterranean region.

The enhancement of innovation and the cooperation of a large number of Mediterranean stakeholders involved in the value chain of the off shore wind turbines sector   are expected through the implementation of the project activities. Seven (7) National Hubs in Greece, France, Croatia, Cyprus, Italy, Portugal and Spain, with participants mostly SMEs, as well as technology and research centers, local and national government bodies, NGOs have already been established and all together constitute the so-called Blue Energy Cluster powered by PELAGOS Interreg Med project. This Mediterranean Cluster creates great opportunities for fostering linkages among stakeholders in national and international level and helps scaling up investment and entrepreneurship. As practical example, the case of Greece was presented and how the national hub within the Mediterranean Cluster can contribute to the creation of a mature and competitive local value chain for the exploitation of the important wind potential in the Greek Seas through floating off shore wind parks.  Apart from the gains in achieving the country’s energy transition targets, the operation of this local value chain by taking advantage of the significant know how and infrastructure of the marine industry in Greece and especially shipyards, will give to this industry the opportunity to find new domains for activity, major challenge for the country’s economic growth. In the context of the Conference there were very interesting B2B meetings for informing important stakeholders and major industrial players in the filed of FOWT for mutual information and examining fields of cooperation among them and the newly established PELAGOS Blue Energy Cluster.

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