PELAGOS at a glance

PELAGOS aim is to establish a permanent Cluster of national HUBs in the Blue Energy (BE) sector, where technical experiences are shared. Permanent communication among actors is a crucial asset for the evolution and advancement of the project and its effective contribution to the Blue Growth of Mediterranean coastal, insular and offshore regions.

The specific scope of PELAGOS is to facilitate the deployment of targeted technological solutions and products that are tailored to the characteristics of the Mediterranean environment.

It will address both the request for adequate information and support expressed by the several direct stakeholders in the Blue Energy value chain, and the demand for economic, environmental and societal sustainability coming from private and public bodies and citizens.

In the framework established by the EU directives the Mediterranean Cluster will sustain macro-regional strategies and connect key actors of the Blue Energy sector, thus enhancing trans-national cooperation and the internationalization of efforts in the development of new marine based technologies that are both safe and economically feasible.

It will support technology transfer and knowledge sharing, and stimulate the development of high-tech and sustainable infrastructures in cohesive investment areas, thus concurring to generate economic growth, to enhance the security of energy supply, to foster competitiveness, and to increase the demand of high-quality professionals in new sea careers. PELAGOS will implement Pilot Actions at both regional, national and transnational level, that will illustrate and provide services, tools and methods tailored to the needs of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and help highlight the actual obstacles and limitations to the development of the Blue Energy sector.