Project partners

CRES Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving

CRES was/is coordinator of several very large, complex & demanding EU projects & participates in European funded projects dealing with MRE.CRES has accumulated extensive experience through its active participation in a large number of BE/RES/RUE/ES projects on both national, MED & international levels. CRES has participated in research & development & demonstration projects, energy policy studies, development of energy information systems & energy modeling, investment feasibility studies, technical & economic studies, environmental impact assessments, market research. CRES has significant experience in MED Programme & will provide scientific background on blue energy technologies (hydropower, offshore wind, wave power, energy saving in ships etc).

Contact: M. Damasiotis 
t.: +30 2106603325


ENEA - Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development

ENEA develops numerical models of the atmospheric & oceanic circulation in the Mediterranean area: models used for studying the variability of the regional climate & models for the forecasting of the sea state. These are used to support planning & management of economic activities based in marine coastal areas, such as those aimed at the production of RE. ENEA is a major Italian research agency, which carries out applied research in the fields of new technologies, energy, & sustainable development. It also transfers the results of research &the related technological developments to the production system & to institutional end users, both at national & regional level. ENEA has a long-standing experience in scientific training and dissemination.

Contact: Gianmaria Sannino
t.: +39 06 3048 6799


UAlg - University of Algarve, Division of Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer

The scientific contribution of UAlg is developed around four main areas, being the research activities in Marine Sciences the most important in terms of scientific outputs and R&D activities. UAlg focus also in knowledge & TT activities. Through CRIA aims to promote the connections between the University & the industry, increase the technology and knowledge transfer outputs, support the establishment of new and technology-based companies, generalize the use of industrial property rights mechanisms & develop technological infrastructures to enhance specific research fields in the Algarve. The UoA, through CRIA, will contribute to the project's activities and to promote the involvement of local and national stakeholders in the project.

Contact: Hugo Barros
t.:+351 289 800 088



CTN Marine Technology Centre

CTN is a non-profit association of companies established in 2003 with the aim to improve the competitiveness of the overall marine and maritime sector through the development of new technological solutions and technology transfer. Our main areas of expertise are: development of innovation projects which aim to strengthen industrial leadership in the naval & maritime sectors, hydroacoustic and environmental impact of underwater noise, development of smart sensors for the aquaculture sector and cross-cutting capacities in the marine areas (LEAN methodology, digitalisation of process, competitive intelligence).

Contact: Celia Murcia 

t.: +34 968 197521


UNIONCAMERE VENETO Association of Chambers of Commerce of Veneto Region

UCV-Eurosportello can count on a longstanding experience in communication, capitalisation, transfer and networking activities due to its 20 years of experience in managing projects and activities funded by the EC. UCV has a direct link with the 510.000 SMEs of the Veneto Region &is part of the EEN. UCV is used to organize different kind of event such as for example WS, seminars, business to business event, matchmaking events, training sessions & conferences engaging SMEs. It provides support, promotes and helps internationalization of the regional economy, while coordinating the relationship of Veneto Region with other bodies and institutions.

Contact: Filippo Mazzariol
t.: +39 041 099 9425  

Contact: Chiara Bianchini
t.: +39 041 099 9411  


HCMR Hellenic Centre for Marine Research

HCMR has extensive experience through its active participation in EU projects dealing with MRE (SESAME, IASON, PERSEUS). BLUENE, COCONET, TROPOS and ADRIPLAN are four relevant important projects where HCMR played a crucial role. The competence of HCMR refers to various themes and its experience covers almost all fields of marine research, development and innovation. HCMR provides services to stakeholders and the wide public, supports research and innovation, is very familiar and advances further marine technologies (e.g. the POSEIDON monitoring system), and holds a large data-base of oceanographic and atmospheric data for the Mediterranean for performing in-depth studies at the basin scale, experience that will be provided to PELAGOS.

Contact: Takvor Soukissian
t.: +30 22910 76420


MAR.IN.E.M.  Maritime Institute of Eastern Mediterranean

Mar.In.e.M has significant methodological background on Clusters framework experienced enhanced through the elaboration of a large number of projects in Maritime sector. Through CoRINThos elaborated Med region action plan, including: policy/governance approach/support, infrastructure investments, financing channels: coordination of EU funding on the MED area on research applied to maritime sector, creating a Mediterranean R&D investment fund, Training needs for Blue Jobs, networking, development of relevant value chains, analysis for Entrepreneurship ecosystem by creating a network of innovative projects Accelerators, creation of a Maritime cluster, & draft ToRs on Blue economy sectors & synergies at MED and sub- MED Level.

Contact: Angelos Ktoris
t.: +357 25025537

Contact: Sotiris Petrakides
t.: +357 25025531


PMM-TVT  Pôle Mer Méditerranée - Toulon Var Technologies

PMM-TVT is a Maritime Cluster supporting the MRE sectors for many years and gathers various actors of the value chain. PMM-TVT is particularly involved in the Offshore wind sector which includes research and development, impact assessment, planning, design, manufacture, installation, operation, maintenance and decommission. Blue energy sector is among the most robust emerging maritime employment generators in the MED area. Moreover, PMM has supported many R&D projects and conducted different synergies for the emergence of MRE.

Contact: Colin Ruel
t.: +33 489 330 089



UNIZAG FSB University of Zagreb - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture

UNIZG FSB has long tradition in the field of MRES. In past years UniZG FSB has participated in several projects from energy field and performed several analysis on RES potential, prefeasibility studies for different energy installation, business plans for SMEs & energy analysis in big companies. In the field of RES team has participated in research of wind and PV energy, installation of solar cooling systems, biomass conversation & supply. Several analyses are conducted for islands & for technologies, which are important for islands such as desalinization systems and off-shore systems. Also, several researches have been made in the field of technology analysis and data collecting for RES technologies in Mediterranean area.

Contact: Hrvoje Mikulcic
t.: +385 1 6168 494




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